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Hot chocolate fest pt 3


The last and final installment on the 2013 Hot Chocolate festival. In total during the course of 3 article installments I have hit up 11 stores. As for the sugar hangover….I am still recovering from that. I had a bit of help this round from one of my girl friends whom shared in half the indulgence to lessen the sugar blow.

Thomas Haas @ 2539 W. Broadway = I had the "THE LUMBERJACK" Bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup hot chocolate, served with a Douglas fir-infused chantilly, maple & vanilla shortbread. This is one of those hot chocolates that sounds better on paper than it does when delivered. I tasted none of the aged maple notes. It was just dark chocolate with a slight earthy taste. As for the shortbread, I tasted none of the notes mentioned. In fact it tasted like nothing more than regular shortbread to me. The trip wasn’t a waste, however, I am disappointed that I wasn’t wowed by the hot chocolate. The cost was $5.50

Thierry Chocolate Patisserie Café @ 1059 Alberni Street = I had the  "ONE IN A MILLION" Hot chocolate made with Maranon (the world's rarest chocolate), served with a chocolate-dipped Madeleine. The hot chocolate was good. It was a breed of chocolate that was unusual to my pallet. My taste buds acknowledged this different species of the chocolate. I had to abandon all that I had tasted in the past few weeks to experience this hot chocolate which was like fine wine. As for the Madeleine it wasn’t dipped in chocolate. They just gave me a separate piece of un-melted chocolate with the Madeleine. It was, however, served with unsweetened crème fresh that complemented the hot chocolate. It is one of the most expensive at the festival at $9.25 a pop.

French Made Bakery @ 81 Kingsway = This is the third attempt at this location for the hot chocolate fest, the best macarons in the city of course being the prime motivation. This time my lovely hot chocolate was paired with the largest macaron every with custard and fresh berries, however, that is a whole separate entry all on it’s own. "LA VIE EN ROSE" Milk chocolate infused with ginger and flavoured with natural rose extract. Once again French Made got all the flavor notes right. Even though I was unable to taste the ginger in the chocolate, the floral notes of the rose was very noticeable and balanced against the cocoa. Not too over powering. The hot chocolate went down smooth and served at the right temperature

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